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Favorite quotes
‘With malice toward none, with charity for all’ -Abraham Lincoln
‘No one could deserve to suffer’ -Derek Parfit
‘May all that have life be delivered from suffering’ -Unknown

Favorite Speeches (with no particular order, if you watch all five videos, it will be 1h 40m long)
Animal Rights: Tom Regan, 1989
Carnism, Veganism: Melanie Joy, 2015
Children’s Rights, Education: Malala Yousafzai, 2013
Suffering-focused Ethics: Jonathan Leighton, 2015
Freedom, Liberty: Ronald Reagan, 1964

Favorite Books

Effective Altruism: Doing Good Better (William MacAskill) The Most Good You Can Do (Peter Singer)

Cognitive Science: Blank Slate (Steven Pinker) Free Will (Sam Harris) Smarter (Dan Hurley)

Philosophy: Straw Dogs (John Gray) Life, Death and Meaning (David Benatar, ed.) The Human Predicament (Benatar) Against Moral Responsibility (Bruce Waller) The State in the Third Millennium (Prince Hans-Adam II) Reasons and Persons (Derek Parfit) Better Never to Have Been (Benatar) Debating Procreation (Benatar, et al.)

Animal Ethics: Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows (Melanie Joy) Eternal Treblinka (Charles Patterson) Animal Liberation (Singer)

Singularity: The Singularity Is Near (Ray Kurzweil) Superintelligence (Nick Bostrom) Engines of Creation (K. Eric Drexler)

Poverty: Out of Poverty (Paul Polak) The Business Solution to Poverty (Polak) 100 under $100 (Betsy Teutsch)

Other: One Person Acted and Everything Changed (Deborah Rohan et al.) 2 Billion under 20 (Stacey Ferreira et al.)