A shock collar is a device that is used on non-human animals, which delivers electric shocks on the animal, for animal containment, bark control or training.

While I oppose the usage of shock collars on non-human animals, I think that it is possible that we can combine ‘taser’-like electric shock device and ankle monitor (GPS), in order to eliminate/reduce incarceration by replacing it with a house arrest.

Non-violent offenders or low-risk violent offenders may be allowed to go out of the house during permitted hours in the permitted place to engage in permitted activities. Permitted activities could include employment, education, religious activities, or even certain approved family activities or socialization.

However, if offenders go outside the boundaries, GPS will detect it, and audio or vibration warning will be delivered. If offenders continue to breach the terms of house arrest after automatic warning, an electric shock will be delivered, incapacitating muscles from moving (think about Taser), enforcing the terms of house arrest by effectively preventing them from going out of the boundaries. Of course, probation services will be automatically notified of the breach of the terms of probation, such as breaching geological boundaries or tampering with or refusing to charge the device.

It may sound very Orwellian, but I think it is much better than prison. Also, the fact that the device contains automatic electric shock delivery system will allay the concern of the general public on abolishing incarceration, or reducing incarceration significantly.

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