My cause areas and interests

S-risks, Suffering-focused ethics, Innovation, Freedom, Sovereignty diversity, Special Economic Zone, startup society, Cognitive Liberty, Child abuse/neglect/rights, child corporal punishment reduction/abolition, male circumcision (MGM), FGM, human rights, molecular assembler, artificial intelligence, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, CRISPIR, gene drives, abolitionism, blockchain, cryptocurrency, universal

An Insectarian Crisis of 1.7*10^13 insects about to start with Peru’s Yaguas National Park programme.

‘The new Yaguas National Park will preserve 2,147,166 acres of rainforest in a region known for its extraordinary biodiversity.’ (   It will literally condemn at least 1.7*10^13 insects any given moment, more than one thousand times of current human

한국 영어 교육, 무엇이 문제인가

뭐 저도 영어 잘 못하지만 (, Cambridge CPE 193) 개인적으로 느끼는 한국 영어 교육의 문제점은 문법 번역식 교수법 (–translation_method)이 사용된다는 것입니다. 네덜란드, 북유럽, 룩셈부르크, 싱가포르 등 전국민이 C1, 대졸자나 청년층은 C2 수준의 영어를 구사하는 국가 (EP EPI very high proficiency: 들의