Blockchain technology might make it easier for AIs to hire humans. AI of sufficient sophistication will pass the Turing test, in forms of email correspondences and instant messaging first and then a Turing test in a form of voice call, then a Turing test in a form of video call, ultimately perhaps in a form of face-to-face interaction.
We can hire people online, not least by sites such as or There is no reason why AIs could not hire humans or make money by working online. Although it is possible for AIs to earn money by working for humans or hire humans for money by fiat currencies alone, the anonymity, the global and decentralised nature of many, if not most, cryptocurrency makes it even more difficult for humans control AI’s money-making and spending activities. First, some humans will not even care whether the boss they are working for is actually not a human. For them, making money is more than enough. Possible existential risk is not of their concern. Second, AI of sufficient sophistication will be able to pretend (i.e. pass the Turing test) in all forms of telecommunciations including, but not limited to, in the forms of email/instant message correspondences, voice call and video call.
Before long, there could be an AI-run corporation which is run on blockchain (perhaps a decentralised autonomous organisation), which hires AIs and humans with a general purpose cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin or Ripple) or an its own cryptocurrency (!), and collaborating and outsourcing to other AI- or human-run corporations. Decision making could be done by majority (larger than 50%) stake vote of AI or human coinholders. That AI-run corporation could be in whatever industry. It could operate a call centre outsourcing company, telepsychiatry company, law firm, search engine company, advertisement company, management consulting company, AI-resource company (a company which provides AIs to an entity which hires AI for money), etc.

It might not take a long time for us to see a blockchain-based de facto soverign state, which (the) decision making(s) is/are partly or entirely done by an AI or AIs. Any physical element of the governance of the sovereign state (i.e. policing and defence) can be done by hiring humans for money. Cryptocurrency is not 100% extortion-proof in some sense. While the custody of the cryptocurrency can be maintained with only knowledge of the wallet address and the private key, it is difficult for many, if not most, people to memorise them so they do not need a paper to store it. We are quite ‘wet’ robots. Even if we memorise the wallet address and the private key, we can be threatened to give up the wallet address and the private key, or even tortured or administered a medication or even perhaps lobotomised to give up the wallet address and the private key. To my knowledge, AI is relatively quite free of those vulnerabilities.


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Blockchain technology might make it easier for AIs to hire humans