Judicial corporal punishment (Singapore style caning with a rattan cane four foot long and a half inch thick on bare buttocks) up to 100 strokes should be administered for all child abusers (including, but not limited to, so-called physical punishment, corporal punishment, spanking, smacking, slapping, washing out mouth with soap, cold shower, hot saucing the mouth, stress position, etc.). If you don’t wanna get caned, you can replace it with 1 year imprisonment per cane. I.e. if you were sentenced 100 strokes of cane for child battery and assault conviction, what should be in my opinion a felony of first-degree, you can change your sentence to 100 years of imprisonment. You will be issued a lethal dose of sodium pentobarbital and anti-emetics so that you can commit suicide whenever you want during the course of imprisonment.

Note: I attribute idea of judicial corporal punishment for child abusers to Thibault Serlet: ‘Most importantly, the state should re-instate corporal punishment for adults and the state should cane any adult who hits a kid (Singapore style).‘. Mr Serlet has many of very good book reviews.

For defence of judicial corporal punishment, see, eg, http://www.jeffjacoby.com/6758/bring-back-flogging and https://www.amazon.com/Defense-Flogging-Peter-Moskos/dp/0465032419

Judicial corporal punishment should be administered for all child abusers