S-risks, Suffering-focused ethics, Innovation, Freedom, Sovereignty diversity, Special Economic Zone, startup society, Cognitive Liberty, Child abuse/neglect/rights, child corporal punishment reduction/abolition, male circumcision (MGM), FGM, human rights, molecular assembler, artificial intelligence, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, CRISPIR, gene drives, abolitionism, blockchain, cryptocurrency, universal basic income, global basic income, global or universal basic income on blockchain, education, english as second/foreign language education, machine translation, programming education, computer-based education, freedom of movement/open border/immigration, rights of expatriation and secession, criminal justice reform, judicial corporal punishment, suicide, electronic tagging, amputation, sterilisation and castration as alternatives of imprisonment, human life extension and transhumanism, castration as a way of human life extension, medical libido control, human willpower (disciplinedness) engineering, rationality, micronutrients difficiency, algae as food, meal replacements, conveyor belt or tube based catered apartment or residence, animal welfare/rights, mental health, right to die, family planning, anti-natalism, pro-mortalism, negative utilitarianism, seasteading (two-dimensional surface-floating interconnectable, triangle, rectangle, hexagonal), new country projects (terra nullius: Bir Tawil, Mary Bird Lands, International Water, Arctic Sea, moon, the Mars, outer space, etc.), individual/regional/national self-determination, migration of humans to international water, antarctica, arctic, outer space, moon, the Mars, atmosphere (airship). personal rapid transit. (vacuum) tube train. personal mobility device. velomobile. copyright reform/abolition. patent reform/abolition. universal library. alternative compensation system. artistic freedom voucher. nootropics. cognitive enhancement. tDCS/tES/tACS/tRNS/TNS/DBS. Airship (particularly steam as a lifting gas). Submersive seasteading (three-dimensional interconnectable, cuboid). ocean thermal energy conversion. safe and inexpensive nuclear reactors. flying lavatories (so that you can call lavatory whenever you want if you go outside your house, to provide a dignified, private and hygienic relief). robotic reduction of sexual, romantic and social frustration. electronic monitoring/tagging of convicts, possibly combined with ‘taser’. electronic crime prevention. drone-based policing (possibly combined with ‘taser’). drone-based political activism (sending drone camera to factory farms, for example). international power politics in the era of superintelligence. interplanetary power politics. brain-computer interface. entrepreneurship education. futurology. human intelligence enhancement. the heritability of intelligence. the possible difference of the average, the median and the distribtion of intelligence among gender, ethnic groups, social class, profession, college major, etc. and its implications to human society, on equality and affirmative action in particular. a theory on human intelligence. percentile-based intelligence, rather than average 100, standard deviation 15, which is based on ‘bell curve’ (the normal distribution) assumption. lexiconal assessment of human intelligence. Korean alphabet-based English Language Spelling Reform (it is too many, for more information on some of these topics, jiwoonhwang.org)

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