Note: The order of books listed here may not reflect the significance of that book to the development of my view. Listing of books here do not equal endorsement. For some of books, I may not have read cover-to-cover.

Effective Altruism: Doing Good Better (William MacAskill) The Most Good You Can Do (Peter Singer)

Cognitive Science: Blank Slate (Steven Pinker) Free Will (Sam Harris) Smarter (Dan Hurley)

Philosophy: Straw Dogs (John Gray) Life, Death and Meaning (David Benatar, ed.) The Human Predicament (Benatar) Against Moral Responsibility (Bruce Waller)

Population Ethics: Reasons and Persons (Derek Parfit, the book is not exclusively on population ethics) Better Never to Have Been (Benatar) Debating Procreation (Benatar, et al.)

Animal Ethics: Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows (Melanie Joy) Eternal Treblinka (Charles Patterson) Animal Liberation (Singer)

Singularity: The Singularity Is Near (Ray Kurzweil) Superintelligence (Nick Bostrom) Engines of Creation (K. Eric Drexler)

Poverty: Out of Poverty (Paul Polak) The Business Solution to Poverty (Polak) 100 under $100 (Betsy Teutsch)

Other: One Person Acted and Everything Changed (Deborah Rohan et al.) 2 Billion under 20 (Stacey Ferreira et al.)

My favorite books