Has anyone looked into postal distribution (i.e. snail mail distribution) of leaflets? (e.g. for distribution of vegan leaflet, etc.)
For example, click2mail.com (I’m not affiliated with them) offers printing and mailing flyers for 43.8cents/pcs (https://click2mail.com/by-product/flyer-8-5-x-11#&slider1=2) or brochures for 70.8cents/pcs (https://click2mail.com/by-product/brochure-11-x-8-5#&slider1=2)
Leafleting by Vegan Outreach costs ~20cents/pcs. (https://web-beta.archive.org/web/20061220144325/https://veganoutreach.org/about/faq.html)
The relative cost-effectiveness of snail mailing (outsourcing) will depend on the (opportunity) cost of volunteer leafleter’s labor; the ease (or hardship) of finding volunteers; the effectiveness of behavior-change of postal leafleting compared to street leafleting.
Postal distribution of leaflets