Every cognitively competent adult knows the empirical fact that every human dies, and that every human suffers. The overwhelming majority of procreation by cognitively competent adults are either 1) intentional procreation; or 2) unintentional procreation which the possible procreative outcome could have been foreseen by a reasonable adult. So I think the overwhelming majority of procreation by cognitively competent adults are conducted with at least subconscious awareness of the death and the suffering of the offspring they are bringing into existence is about to face during the course of their existence. So, I think procreation is morally akin to murder (procreative infliction of death) and injury (procreative infliction of suffering). What do you think about this? If you are a parent yourself, how do you reconcile with this fact? In light of this fact, what do you feel about your parents as an offspring?

Defective drone analogy: You are an engineer who built a drone which can takeoff, but cannot land and certainly going to crash. If you put your child to that drone, I think you essentially murder your child.

Menstrual pain-hitting comparison: For example, I think when your are bringing your daughter into existence, I think you are causing your daughter to experience menstrual pain during the course of her life. And I think it is moral equivalence of hitting your daughter with the frequency and pain of menstrual pain, without the psychological suffering caused by the fact the intentionality of the latter act is temporarily closer to pain and the intention is ongoing.

Originally posted at Free Speech Zone for Effective Altruists Facebook group

Procreative infliction of death and suffering