Anti-speciest answer:
FRI, WAS-research, EAF, MIRI, CEA, Sentience Institute, Animal Ethics, ACE, etc.

If you would be interested human-focused charities, I think cause-specific human rights charities are generally better than mega human rights charities. I am not sure cause-specific human rights charities’ effectiveness compared to GW-recommended charities though.

My personal favorites which might have presumably comparable or higher cost effecitveness, although may well be lower
Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children
World Vasectomy Day
No Scalpel Vasectomy International Inc.
Parsemus Foundation
The Beckley Foundation

Promising areas of human charities:
Open Border (Open Borders Action Group)
Criminal Justice Reform
Children’s rights (corporal punishment, male circumcision, FGM, child labour, child trafficking, child abuse, etc)
Pro-choice (pro-abortion) movement
Pro-infanticide movement
Right to die (pro-euthanasia/assisted suicide) movement
Antinatalism advocacy
Drug liberalization (See article by Michael D Plant
Access to pain medication (See article by Lee Sharkey)
Spreading blockchain/cryptocurrency/digital payment, especially for global poor who don’t have access to bank account, and are subject to extortionary inflation tax

Promising areas of general (human and nonhuman) charity areas:
Suffering-focused ethics advocacy
Think tank on suffering-focused ethics (not just on AI safety, but a think tank specialized in suffering-focused ethics)

Of course, a lot of what I have said so far is very controversial issues, but I think EAs should also tread on controversial issues as well.

Promising charities and cause areas