Svalbard, Norway

Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago within the Arctic circle. Svalbard Treaty of 1920 provides treaty nationals should have equal right of residency as Norwegian citizens. Svalbard does not require any visa to reside therein. Non-treaty nationals are permitted to live in Svalbard visa-free as well. However, the Governor of Svalbard can deport any resident who cannot support themself financially, and the cost of living in Svalbard is very high, and the job opportunities in Svalbard are limited. See also: Wikipedia: Visa policy of Svalbard


Paraguay issues permanent residence to anyone with a clean criminal record and can prove solvency. Proof of solvency requirements are, according to the website of Paraguayan embassy in the UK:

  • Deposit in a bank in Paraguay in the amount of at least five thousand dollars (U$D 5.000.-) in a savings or current account in the name of the applicant or its equivalent in local currency or any other currency at the date of the proceedings;

  • Real Estate property deed of a property located in Paraguay; or

  • University Diploma attached or work contract in Paraguay with the indication of the amount to be received as fees or salary. A commercial license will not be accepted.

Svalbard, Norway and Paraguay: Two jurisdictions with the most open immigration policies