The biggest problem of the contemporary Western democracy is that the contemporary Western countries do lack proper class hierarchy beside money. Especially so in the United States. Your class is almost entirely depending on money in America, that is de facto no class at all. That is the reason people in the West are increasingly feeling they are entitled to call a stranger, acquaintances or even bosses in first-name basis without any invitation of the person concerned to call him in first-name basis. Westerners should remember still in Korea younger siblings are not allowed to call their siblings name, with not even first name + last name. Instead, they are expected to address their older siblings ‘brother’ or ‘sister’, not first name. Money is hardly an element of class in South Korea. Education and intellectual sophistication is perhaps the only element of class in Korea. (Mostly the prestige of the college you went to at Bachelor level)

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I prefer with shame enforcement like Korea Japan. Read The State in the Third Millennium by the Prince Hans-Adam II, the Sovereign of Liechtenstein for arguments for monarchicy., It has relevant to the EA movement because it is needed for the future of humanity.

The very fact you need an evidence is an evidence you are of upper-middle class, not upper class.

I do not know, I feel like class structure is not enough in the USA. One of the paradigmatic example thereof is the very fact ivy league schools favour lower class students over middle class students (they favour upper class the most, but lower class is favoured over the middle class)

If you are of class and of right-wing, you would conclude it is necessary for a society have a class hierarchy, whether you want or not. Is and ought is different. Even if you abolish official class, people will consider you are part of a class anyway. American class system of informal class (and most Western countries, even the United Kingdom to some extents) by university prestige, income, profession and intelligence is much more humiliating for people of lower classes as it means that it is your fault that you are of lower classes.

More clear picture of human nature can lead to more humane society. We should remove superstitions of ‘Blank slate’, ‘noble savage’, ‘ghost in the machine’, which is themes of Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker’s book Blank Slate (I cannot recommend the book more).

there is a substantial genetic element in human intelligence which significantly varies between ethnic group and socioeconomic class. This is science, this is fact, this is truth. Is and ought is different. The society will be much more equal if less smart people has less children than more smart people

then intelligent children can go up the ladder. I am all for mobility. I am just meritocratist
Meritocratic aristocracy/monarchy
Singapore and Liechtenstein are closest

The biggest problem of the contemporary Western democracy is that the contemporary Western countries do lack proper class hierarchy beside money.