Children should have an absolute right to own, bear and carry rifle and sodium pentobarbital, so that they can exercise self-sovereignty (property that is self-insured and defended with capability of violence), self-determination and jurisdiction to defend their property, namely life, liberty and estate.

If a child’s parent, school teacher or whoever assaults, batters, rapes or attempts thereof or makes threat thereof, the child has inviolable and natural rights to violently defend oneself with any means, including but not limited to, automatic rifles, against the perpetrator, kill or seriously injure the perpetrator.

Children should also be allowed to commit suicide, and obtain preferable means thereof, including but not limited to, sodium pentobarbital combined with an appropriate anti-emetics, such as metoclopramide, or a suicide bag with appropriate inert gas, such as nitrogen.

Part of rationale of my defence of children’s rifle ownership was that the very fact the overwhelming majority of children are very seriously and profoundly abused (about 60 per cent of children are estimated to be assaulted/battered (in other words, hit) by their parents or other caretakers in any given month about 1 in 6 children in Uganda have been burned by hot object or fire as a ‘punishment’ by their parents or caretakers), and all things considered, the risk of children’s gun ownership (safety concerns) would be outweighed by the benefit of child abuse prevention, although I must admit that their is no mathematically rigourous cost-benefit analysis behind it. I think children’s gun ownership can be defended, but I think so long as children can defend themselves against violence of adults, some restrictions on children’s rifle ownership is permissible. However, my intuition is that a society will allow children to bear and carry rifles to defend themselves against the gravest forms of child abuse (including, but not limited to, corporal punishment, false imprisonment (grounding), male circumcision (MGM) and FGM) only well after those gravest forms of child abuse have been illegalised, criminalised and effectively prosecuted (like Sweden).

My rationale for children’s pentobarbital ownership pertains to individual sovereignty and autonomy with which that can not be deprived on the basis of age.

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