There are basically five forms of (purported) altruisms:

1) Improving welfare of people who are already here, without substantial change of the lifespan of people; (meliorism)
2) Extending lifespan of people; (anti-mortalism)
3) Shortening lifespan of people; (pro-mortalism)
4) Ensuring potential future people to come into existence; (pro-natalism)
5) Ensuring potential future people not to come into existence. (anti-natalism)

I think the ideological orientations of EA cause areas/thinkers/EAs/activists/politicians can be categorised with this taxonomy:

1, Meliorism) Deworming, Kailash Satyarthi, Lee Kuan Yew, Deng Xiao Ping
2, Anti-mortalism) Positive Utilitarianism, AMF, Oskar Schindler, Nicholas Winton
3, Pro-mortalism) Negative Utilitarianism
4, Pro-natalism) Positive Utilitarianism
5, Anti-natalism) Negative Utilitarianism, FRI, WAS-Research, David Benatar, Brian Tomasik

I think although type one altruism, meliorism, is uncontroversial, the debate between anti-mortalism and pro-mortalism, the debate between pro-natalism and anti-natalism are hard ones to resolve. What EA ideological orientation do you take, and why? (FYI, I agree on 1, 3, 5, and disagree on 2 and 4)

P.s. there are other forms of altruism, such as ‘same people choices’, and ‘same number, different identity choices’ to borrow terms of Parfit.

There are basically five forms of (purported) altruisms